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Dental Hygiene 

Charlea DeRoche, Tabitha Wolff, and Kyani St. Goddard 

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 "When I was in high school, I had no goals, little to no ambition to finish school, college was never a thought to me. My mind was set at a young age that I was not smart enough to graduate high school, so I never attempted college.  Despite being a high school dropout, receiving my GED at a Job corps center and living in poverty for a few years, I am the first person in my family to graduate from college with my Associates of Science from the Great Falls College MSU. My goal is to continue with school get my BSN in nursing. I have kept my grades well maintained for the past 3 years and was never ashamed to ask for help with my academics when I needed assistance.

 The MUIA program was very beneficial to my success as a student at the Great Falls MSU campus with all the resources they have to offer. When support is offered, I feel cared about, and that support boosts my morale. The MUIA reaches out to check on their participants, encouraging them every step of the way to become successful. Knowing I have the support of Cheri Kicking Woman and Rochelle DeRoche employees at the MUIA was a blessing. They would call, send emails, asking how I was doing in school, these small acts of kindness were enough to let me know I was not just an application that they were here to help. Not only did they help with books for school, but the MUIA also provided my children with some school supplies as well.  I plan on utilizing this program as much as I can until I am able to help give back.

Thank you so much, MUIA Team!"

Terra Goss

Services We Provide

Every Outreach Office is equipped to provide basic job and employment services to its clients. Our programs are divided into three levels of service. Core Services are available to all customers. For Intensive and Training Services, individuals must fall within eligibility guidelines described below.


ELIGIBILITY: Certain criteria must be met for people to qualify for Intensive and Training Services. A general description of those requirements is listed below. For a more detailed description, please contact your local MUIA office.


  • Proof of Indian Descent

  • Selective Service Registrant (males only)

  • At or Below 170% of Poverty Guidelines for 12 months prior to application date

  • Proof of Residency (within Service  Delivery Area)

  • Proof of Household Size

Our APPLICATION can be downloaded, printed, or faxed to the office you are working with. Supporting documentation can be faxed or scanned.